You will stay on course with Ortegal
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Our economic reality often sails in choppy waters, and organizations regularly undergo transitions that bring about insecurities and question marks. Consulting agency Ortegal can design a long-term organizational structure, with special attention to human resources. We are available for short- and long-term assignments. We can help out in crisis situations and bring your company and your people back on course.

Important values


Trust lies at the foundation of every good relationship and is therefore a key element for an optimal cooperation.

We at Ortegal believe that trust in each other, in cooperation and in the organization makes people grow, leads to innovation and creativity, and is crucial to every form of success.
Trust is a beacon that keeps us on course.


Audacity, a very strong word that is linked to risk-taking and innovation. We believe that, no matter how difficult the assignment, you should dare to let your creativity flow and take calculated risks.

Together, we will set the course and perhaps change direction, in order to moor safely.


Transparency or openness is what you will get from us. Sharing impressions, facts and observations is necessary to create involvement in change processes. Transparent communication leads to clarity, commitment and trust, and it creates the right atmosphere for innovation and creativity to grow.

Transparency clarifies the waters and improves your vision.


Creativity helps us in offering you original solutions to less or more complex challenges or problems. After defining the challenge, we take it to a meta level and test it against our broad experience and knowledge. The next step is to come up with a creative solution. Our creativity contributes to reaching your goals.

With all sails set, we will join you at the helm and help set the course.

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